Aerocool ThunderX3 DB5 Consoles Bean Bag - Black/Cyan Brown Box



Designed for console gamers and streamers, this bean bag provides the utmost comfort, is stylish and wouldn't look out of place in your living room or studio. The first ever bean bag designed for gamers. This is the epitome of gaming for any man cave. ALL DAY COMFORT This bean bag was designed with premium spandex fabric. When filled with foam beads the surface will comfortably adjust to your body. Enhance your console gaming experience to the next level of comfort. FUTURISTIC DESIGN Add the ThunderX3 sense of style to your living room, studio or gaming room with this bean bag. SAFE & DURABLE - Two layers zipper with child safety locking zip. - Triple stitch ensures resistance to stress and tension in its usage. - A handle allows convenient carrying of the bean bag through flat surfaces.