Osmo Coding Awbie Game


Coding is a modern superpower
Coding Awbie teaches logic skills and problem solving, and it helps kids succeed in an increasingly digital world. Coding Awbie is the easiest way to introduce coding to your child.

Discover Awbie’s world through code
You control Awbie, a playful character who loves delicious strawberries. With each coding command, you guide Awbie on a wondrous tree-shaking, strawberry-munching adventure!

It’s more fun to learn with your hands
Children learn best through play. Combining tangible blocks with an interactive game fires up a child’s imagi­nation, inspires dreams and builds confidence.

Collaboration built‑in
With Coding Awbie, multiple kids can play together on the same iPad. There’s enough room on the table for two or more kids to assemble sequences and play together.






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