Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit


Transform your tablet into an early learning tool!

Designed for early learners, ages 3-5, the games in Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit take preschoolers on a hands-on adventure through the fundamentals of learning.  Osmo technology 'sees' how kids move real-world tangible pieces in front of the screen and responds with on-screen encouragement, guidance and giggles.  In the end, they'll spart their imaginations, learn critical skills and have a blast!

Start a journey of exploration, imagination and learning with four games that have been specially designed for kids 5 and under.  The Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit fosters early literacy skills (ABCs), problem-solving (Stories), creativity (Squiggle Magic), imagination (Costume Party) and more.

  • For early learners, aged 3-5 years
  • Core subjects; vocabulary, letters, emotions/empathy, problem solving, numbers and creative imagination
  • Four new hands-on learning games to engage pre-schoolers:
    ABCS:  Build letters with squishy, colourful Sticks & Rings. Playful practice for pre-schoolers.
    Squiggle Magic:  Create anything you want using Sticks & Rings and then watch them come alive.
    Costume Party:  Experiment with clothes and colour to make party outfits. See how characters react!
    Stories:  Mix and match costumes to find silly solutions to obstacles and navigate adventures.
  • Crafted in partnership with Marbotic



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