We've been looking after local businesses (and beyond) for over 25 years and we're pretty good at it too! Whether it be equipment repair, network maintenance, new purchases, technical support, remote assistance or a much needed chat about how to survive in the current economy, we are there with you every step of the way. Don't forget, we are a small business too and we have the same problems as you - so you can be sure our advice comes from experience and the honest heart of a business to business perspective.

If you are a sole trader, have a few employees (or a even a few hundred staff over many sites) we can help you with all your technological requirements. Big or small. Private or Government. We can make your IT challenges easy to solve and easy to manage.

How Can We Help?

We can assist businesses in many ways, but some for example:

* Corporate pricing across many big brands such as Apple, Acer, and HP, including personal purchases for your staff

* Budget effective maintenance and support services for minimal downtime and maximum productivity

* Advice on getting your physical store maximum exposure online and making your audience even larger

* Remote and on site support services

* Back up solutions and data management

* Site audits to highlight and address areas of concern in your current IT model

* Leasing and finance options

* Solutions for key business staff to work remotely and efficiently



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