Device Programs in your School

We've been working with schools for over 20 years so we're pretty cluey when it comes to the things that can make the life of your ICT team a little easier!  With many institutions now assessing how their IT budget is best utilised we can dispense a lot of advice and experience to help you plan for the future.

Whether it be a shared, 1 to 1, or BYOD program... Whether it be school or parent funded.... Whether it be Apple, ChromeBook or PC.... Whether it be tablet or laptop....we can help you through the planning, purchasing and implementation stages to make it as easy and affordable as possible.

We can offer specialised pricing to schools and parents across many brands, and can create a customised purchase portal specifically for your students. If you're planning an Apple roll out it gets even easier once you join the free Device Enrolment Program where all the hard work of setup and configration is managed for you - automatically straight out of the box.

A-Z Computers can also assist with Professional Development, hands on training seminars, parent/student training sessions, warranty & repair management, technical support and more.

If you've got some existing equipment you need to replace we can also help through end of lease options, disposal, buy back, upgrade or onselling.