On Site Repairs


Of course we do.  Sometimes it's the easiest way to get your problem fixed in the shortest time, and sometimes it isn't.  Generally to troubleshoot internet or network based issues we would recommend coming to you.  For all other issues it would be up to you, though bear in mind that it's cheaper to repair in store than it is at your home or business.

While charged at an hourly rate, our workshop repairs are usually capped to a predetermined fee, regardess of total time taken to eventually repair.  On site repairs though are charged out at $140 per hour ($80 minimum call out fee is under an hour) plus $25 - $45 travel depending on location.

If you don't have transport to get your goods in store or are unsure of how to disonnect or reconnect them, we do offer a technician pick up & return service or a Gippsland based courier to transport your items between us.

We cater to all businesses or organisations looking for onsite repairs and maintenance and can do so on an ad hoc or contractual basis.  Call us to discuss your needs to find the best fit for your circumstances.